Q:Where are you guys located?

We are located in New York City.

Q:Are all your shoes 100% Authentic?

All of our sneaker are 100% authentic from trusted retailers, suppliers and vendors. We don't deal or sell B grades or fakes all of our shoes are 100% brand new and with receipts from mayor retailers. We don’t sell fakes sneakers it is wrong and not good for the reputation of our business. Feel free to read all of our reviews and check our Instagram page where you’ll see pictures of allot of happy customers.

Q:How can I Pay for my sneakers?

You can either Pay with your credit card, debit card or paypal credit card or your PayPal account. We accept Visa, American Express and MasterCard. The only payments that are not accepted are checks, venmo or money orders.

Q: How long does shipping takes?

All shipping will take 3 to 5 business days depending on the shipping method that you choose.

We offer 3 types of shipping Fedex ground shipping which takes 3 to 7 days depending on you location. Then express or next day shipping wich can cost from $40 to $80 dollars if you need you item in a rush.

Also international shipping which can cost $50 to $80 depending on the country that you live in. All shoes are double box and will be ship insured and with signature confirmation to make sure that you receive them safely.

Keep in mind that if you pay with paypal as e check shipping would take a few days longer until payment clears out usually in 2 business days.

Q:Do you guys wrap gifts?

Yes will wrap each one of your gift for an additional cost of $5 dollars. We now how precious and important is your time and We want to make happy your love ones when they receive their gifts.

Q:o you guys accept returns or exchanges?

Unfortunately at this moment We don't accept returns or exchanges because it's very time consuming and it delays us on our current orders. So please make sure you pick the right size and merchandise before purchasing it.

Q:Do you guys offer discount and promotions?

Yes we do offer discount, coupons and promotions once you subscribe to our website and follow us on Instagram and Facebook you’ll recieve ($10 dollars coupon for life) on all your futures purchases of $100 and more, plus give aways and surprises.

Q:Do you guys sell infants and women's shoes?

Yes we sell sneakers for the whole family including clothing, accessories and sporting goods.

Keep in mind that Women’s shoes come in boys and girls sizes which is youth sizes. There is a 2 size different between a womens shoes and a boy shoe.

If you are a size 7 in women’s regular shoes you’ll need to take a size 5 in youth which minus 2 sizes. Youth sizes are from 3.5y to 7y which equals to 5.5 to a size 9 in women’s regular shoes.

Here is a chart to help you figure out you correct sizes:

Youth Women’s
3y = 5 5.5y = 7.5
3.5y = 5.5 6y = 8
4y = 6 6.5y = 8.5
4.5 = 6.5 7y = 9 = 7

Men’s Women’s
7.5 = 9.5 = 10 = 11 = 12